Terms of Service




1.1. If applicable, capitalised terms have the meaning given to them in this Agreement. In  addition, the following definitions apply in this Agreement: 

1.2. ‘Supplier,’ ‘we’, or ‘us’ means Kiwi Conversions Limited trading as Kiwi Conversions (our  successors and assigns) or any person acting with the authority of Kiwi Conversions  Limited. 

1.3. ‘Client,’ ‘you’, or ‘your’ means the Client purchasing Services from us or any person  acting on your behalf (including authorised representatives). 

1.4. ‘Services’ means all Incidental Items (including any printed or virtual material,  samples, designs, drawings, images, graphics, advertising, search engine  optimisation, publication, data, files, information or other associated documentation  and goods), software, applications or mobile application development (whether  supplied from a third party software development company or where custom  developed or programmed for you) or any advice or recommendations, personal  development, Website development, graphic design, consultancy, marketing  assessment, brand development, integration of strategies, analysis, project  management, videography, photography, drone photography or media sourcing)  provided by us at your request from time to time (and where the context permits, the  terms Incidental Items or Services shall be interchangeable for the other). 

1.5. ‘Incidental Items’ means any goods, documents, or materials supplied by us  incidentally in providing you with any Services. 

1.6. ‘Price’ means the Price of the Services (in accordance with clause 6). 1.7. ‘Agreement’ means these terms & conditions of trade, as may be amended from time  to time (including our privacy policy and any SLA, orders, purchases or schedules as  applicable). 

1.8. ‘Amounts Owing’ means any amount you owe to us, from time to time, including the  Price, any interest payable, any of your liability under this Agreement and any  enforcement expenses incurred by us in seeking payment of any Amounts Owing by  you. 

1.9. ‘Business Day’ means Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays in New Zealand. 1.10.‘Confidential Information’ means all information that could be reasonably regarded in  the circumstances as confidential, including information that relates to the business,  interests or affairs of a party, this Agreement, the Incidental Items or Services (as  applicable), and intellectual property rights, but excludes information which is: (a)in the public domain, other than as a result of a breach of this Agreement; (b)in possession of a party prior to the commencement of this Agreement without any  obligation of confidentiality; and 

(c)is independently developed or acquired by a party prior to the commencement of  this Agreement without relying on information that would itself be Confidential  Information. 

1.11.‘Event of Default’ means your failure to comply with this Agreement (including your  obligations in clause 6). 

1.12.‘Insolvency Event’ means an event of insolvency, including bankruptcy; the  appointment of an insolvency administrator, manager, receiver or liquidator; any  action related to winding up or making a material arrangement in relation to creditors;  applying for any type of protection against creditors; being unable to pay your debts  as they fall due; or taking or suffering any similar or analogous action in any  jurisdiction as a consequence of debt. 

1.13.‘Cookies’ means small files stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold a  modest amount of data (including personal information) specific to a particular Client  and Website. They can be accessed either by the web server or your computer. If  you do not wish to allow, Cookies to operate in the background when ordering from  the Website, you have the right to enable/disable the Cookies first by selecting the  option provided on the Website prior to ordering Services. 

1.14.‘Prohibited Content’ means any content on any media (including advertising, posts,  or comments) that: 

(a)is, or could reasonably be considered to be in breach of the Broadcasting Act  1989, the CGA, the FTA or any other applicable law or applicable industry code of  practice; 

(b)contains, or could reasonably be considered to have any misrepresentations or is,  or could be deemed to be misleading, deceptive, likely to mislead, deceive or is  otherwise unlawful; or 

(c)is in breach of any person’s intellectual property rights. 

1.15.‘Website’ means a location accessible on the internet through the world wide web  and provides multimedia content via a graphical user interface. 

1.16.‘SLA’ means the Service Level Agreement detailing the regular maintenance or repair  Services (including any Incidental Items where appropriate) to be carried out at the  designated location and timeframes as agreed between both parties. 

1.17.‘SMP’ means any Social Media Platform used as a social network tool accessible on  the internet through the world wide web and provides multimedia content via a  graphical user interface (including Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn). 

1.18.‘Fixed Term’ means an agreement for ongoing Services as set out in our SLA, where  the initial Fixed Term shall be specified in our SLA documentation and agreed upon  between both parties. 

1.19.‘Personnel’ means directors, officers, employees, agents and contractors. 1.20.‘FTA’ means the Fair Trading Act 1986. 

1.21.‘CGA’ means the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. 

1.22.‘CCLA’ means the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017. 

1.23.‘PPSA’ means the Personal Property Securities Act 1999. 

1.24.‘Security Agreement’ and ‘Security Interest’ have the meanings given to them in Part  2, sections 16 and 17 of the PPSA. 

1.25.‘Regulator’ means any authority, commission, government department, court,  tribunal, or similar having regulatory or supervisory authority over the parties or  Services. 

1.26.‘Related Company’ has the meaning given to it in Part 1, section 2(3) of the  Companies Act 1993.


2.1. In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires: 

(a)headings are for convenience only and do not affect interpretation; (b)a reference to legislation includes all regulations, orders, instruments, codes,  guidelines or determinations issued under that legislation or any modification,  consolidation, amendment, re-enactment, replacement or codification of it; (c) a reference to ‘in writing’ includes by email; 

(d)the words ‘include’ or ‘including’ or similar expressions are to be construed without  limitation; 

(e)a reference to a party shall include that party’s successors, permitted assigns and  substitutes; and 

(f) a word importing the singular includes the plural and vice versa.


3.1. All orders are subject to our acceptance, and we may (at our sole discretion) accept  any order in whole or in part by issuing an invoice in respect of the applicable  Services, delivering the Incidental Items or Services or otherwise confirming the  order in writing. 

3.2. We are under no obligation to enquire as to the authority of any person placing an  order on your behalf.  

3.3. If you place an order for or accept any provision of Services from us, you are taken to  accept this Agreement and are immediately bound jointly and severally (including if  you are part of a trust, in which case you shall be bound in your capacity as a  trustee).  

3.4. Your acceptance to this Agreement shall continue to all future orders, purchases or  schedules (as applicable), and this Agreement will be, or is deemed to be  incorporated into, and form part of, each order, purchase or schedule as if this  Agreement was set out or implied therein in full. 

3.5. Both parties shall accept electronic signatures (provided that both parties have  complied with sections in Part 4, subpart 3 and all other relevant sections in Part 4 of  the CCLA). 

3.6. This Agreement may only be amended with our written consent and shall supersede  any other document or other agreement between both parties.


4.1. Should you introduce any third party to us as your authorised representative, that  representative shall have the full authority of you to order any Services on your  behalf, and such authority shall continue until all requested Services have been  completed or you notify us in writing that said person is no longer your authorised  representative. 

4.2. You agree that you will be solely liable for any expenses incurred in providing any  Services requested by your authorised representative. 

4.3. If your authorised representative is to have only limited authority to act on your  behalf, you must advise in writing to us the parameters of the limited authority  granted to your authorised representative.


5.1. You agree that you will give us (addressed to the financial controller or equivalent)  not less than fourteen (14) days prior written notice of any proposed change to your  name and any other changes to your details (including but not limited to changes to  the ownership of the company, address, email, contact phone or business structure). 

5.2. Should you fail to comply with clause 5.1, you agree that you will breach this  Agreement and shall be liable for any expense or loss of profit suffered by us  (including any Related Company).


6.1. You will pay us the Price set out in any quotation or documentation that we provide to  you under this Agreement, plus any ‘Goods and Services Tax’ (as defined and  imposed in Part 2, section 8(1) of the Goods and Services Tax Act 1985 (GST)).  6.2. Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing, the Price shall be: 

(a)indicated on invoices provided to you in respect of the Services; or (b)the Price at the date of delivery of the Services according to our current price list; (c)where you are on a SLA, you are required to pay an agreed amount for the  

ongoing provision of the Services by us as stipulated under that Agreement; or (d)our quoted Price, which will be binding, subject to your acceptance of our  quotation in writing within thirty (30) days. 

6.3. If the Price is not set out in quotations or other documentation, the Price for the  relevant Incidental Items or Services will be at our standard rate according to our  current Pricelist or at a rate notified to you.


6.4. The Price will be payable by you on the date(s) determined by us (at our sole  discretion), which may be: 

(a)on or before delivery of the Services; 

(b)by way of instalments/progress payments in accordance with our payment  schedule, which may be: (i) for any Website development Services, a fifty percent  (50%) deposit shall be due (of the project value) upon acceptance of the  quotation; (ii) we may request progress payments of twenty percent (20%) of the  estimated total Website development payment at regular intervals where the  Website development Services are provided over a month or more extended  period of time; and (iii) any outstanding balance of the Website development  payment will become due upon completion of the Website development Services; 

(c) due twenty (20) days following the end of the month in which a statement or  invoice is sent to your address or address for notices; or 

(d)seven (7) days following the date of any invoice given to you by us if there is no  notice to the contrary.  

6.5. Where payment is to be made via a direct debit arrangement (as agreed between the  parties), you accept that: 

(a)if a deduction falls due on a non-business day, it will be debited to your account on  the next business day following the scheduled withdrawal date; 

(b)we will give you not less than thirty (30) days written notice when changes to the  initial terms of the arrangement are made. This notice will state any other changes  to the initial arrangement; or 

(c)If you wish to discuss any changes to the initial arrangement, contact our  representative directly. The changes may include: (i) deferring the monthly  deduction; (ii) stopping an individual direct debit; (iii) suspending the direct debit;  or (iv) cancelling the direct debit. 

6.6. We may, at our sole discretion, allocate any payment received from you towards any  invoice that we determine and may do so at the time of receipt or at any time  afterwards. On any default by you, we may re-allocate any payments previously  received and allocated. In the absence of any payment allocation by us, payment will  be deemed to be allocated in a manner that preserves the maximum value of our  Security Interests in the Services. 

6.7. Where we pay any subcontractor’s account on your behalf, you agree to reimburse  us for the payment of the subcontractor’s account within seven (7) days (unless  otherwise agreed in writing). 

6.8. We reserve the right at any time to alter any Price lists. Any alterations to any Price  list will be effective from the date specified by us and apply to all orders or purchases  accepted by us on or after that date. 

6.9. Payment may be made by cash, electronic/online banking, or any other method that  we agree to in writing. 

6.10.Payment in any form other than cash shall not be taken to be payment for the  Amounts Owing, and all ownership rights of the Incidental Items or Services remain  with us until that form of payment has been cleared and received (in accordance with  clause 21.1). 

6.11.We may require that you pay a deposit of fifty percent (50%) or provide a guarantee  as security for paying any Amounts Owing. 

6.12.You shall not withhold payment of any Amounts Owing because part of the Services  are disputed, and in the event that part of the Services is disputed, you agree that  you will: 

(a)perform all of your obligations to us under this Agreement and pay in full any  Amounts Owing except for the amount that is in dispute; and 

(b)provide a specific and detailed explanation of the dispute in writing to us within  seven (7) days from delivery. 

6.13.If an Insolvency Event occurs, all Amounts Owing will (whether or not due for  payment) immediately become due and payable. 


7.1. We reserve the right to vary the Price: 

(a)if a variation to the plan of scheduled Services or specifications is requested  (including additional work required due to hidden or unidentifiable difficulties not  evident prior to commencement of the Services);  

(b)any information supplied by you is inaccurate; or 

(c) as a result of increases beyond our reasonable control in the cost of materials or  labour (including any variation resulting from fluctuations in currency exchange  rates, increases in the cost of taxes, insurance charges or increases in third-party  network operator costs). 

7.2. Variations will be charged on the basis of our quotation and will be detailed in writing  and shown as variations on the invoice. You shall be required to respond to any  variation submitted by us within seven (7) days. Failure to do so will entitle us to add  the cost of the variation to the Price. 

7.3. When quotations are based on specifications, roughs, layouts, samples or a  manuscript copy, any extra work or cost caused by any variation requested by you to  the original instructions or by the manuscript copy being (in our opinion) poorly  prepared or from your requirements being different from those submitted initially, the  cost of such variations may be charged to you and shown as a variation on the  invoice (in accordance with clause 7). 

7.4. Any tabulated work or foreign language included in the job but not contained in the  manuscript originally submitted for the purpose of estimating may be charged to you  and shown as an additional charge on the invoice. 

7.5. Additional expenses may be charged to you for any necessary action (including  photography and art direction, photography searches, media conversion, digital  image processing or data entry services). 

7.6. The Price will be adjusted to reflect any extra cost or expense incurred by us  because of any instruction received from you (or your authorised representative) or  any action or inaction on your part. 

7.7. Where you request us to estimate the quantity of the Incidental Items to be supplied  from sketches, plans, schedules, specifications or otherwise, you agree to pay for  any variation between the estimate and the actual quantities supplied, and this  Agreement shall be deemed to be adjusted accordingly to reflect the increased Price.


8.1. We shall be reimbursed for all expenses reasonably and appropriately incurred in  connection with the provision of the Services, except where such expenses are  expressly stated in the quotation or in writing by us as being non-reimbursable. All  reimbursable expenses (including travel, accommodation, communications, or  couriers) will be charged at the cost (including GST) to you, plus an administration  fee that reflects the time involved with performing such Services.


9.1. At our sole discretion, delivery of the Services shall take place when the Services are  supplied to you, at the location that we agree to or your nominated SMP. 9.2. The Services are provided based on specifications, information and instructions  provided by you to us (whether written or verbal). You acknowledge that it is your  responsibility to ensure that such are detailed sufficiently to satisfy our requirements  of interpretation and understanding. Once accepted by you, our quotation shall be  deemed to interpret those specifications, information and instructions correctly. We  shall not accept any liability for the supply of Services contrary to your intention or  errors or omissions in the Services due to insufficient or inadequate provision of  detailed specifications, information or instructions by you (including  misinterpretation). We may charge you additional costs incurred in remedying the  Services (and, if reasonably practical, notify you of such costs before they are  incurred). 

9.3. Whilst we shall make every endeavour to enable the Services to be provided at the  time and place as was arranged between both parties (subject to our regular service  hours on Business Days), you acknowledge that any time specified for provision of  the Services is an estimate only. We will not be liable for any expenses or losses  incurred due to your reliance on our estimated time for delivery, nor can you cancel  any order for any delay in delivery that is less than fourteen (14) days after our  estimated time for delivery, or any delay in delivery due to any event beyond our  control. 

9.4. We may supply Incidental Items to you where it is required for the provision of  Services, and it is agreed that: 

(a)delivery of the Incidental Items is taken to occur at the time that we (or our  nominated carrier) deliver the Incidental Items to your nominated address, even if  you are not present at the address; and 

(b)risk of damage to, or loss of, the Incidental Items passes to you on delivery, and  you must insure the Incidental Items on, or before, delivery. 

9.5. We may deliver the Incidental Items in separate instalments, which will be invoiced  and paid as individual transactions under this Agreement.


10.1.You warrant that all content or materials supplied to us to be used for the provision of  the Services shall: 

(a)be true and correct; 

(b)does not contain Prohibited Content; 

(c) be non-political and non-religious by nature and suitable for viewers of all ages;  (d)not contain anything that is defamatory of any person or is indecent or obscene; (e)complies with all laws, regulations, codes of practice, guidelines or any standards  

applicable to the advertising industry or determined by any relevant Regulator  (including the advertising codes of practice of the Advertising Standards Authority  (ASA)); 

(f) does not infringe copyright, trademark or any other legal rights of another person  or entity (including the name or images of any person without their consent); (g)does not contain anything which may give rise to any cause of action by a third  party against us (including material that may cause damage or injury to any  person or entity); 

(h)is not false or misleading and is confirmed in substance and fact; 

(i) not contain nor constitute a statement that is misleading or deceptive or likely to  deceive or to mislead or which is otherwise in breach of a provision of the FTA,  the CGA or any other applicable legislation; and 

(j) be in the form and delivered to us by the date agreed to by both parties. If you fail  to adhere to this sub-clause, we shall not be liable in the event we are unable to  provide the Services at the time and location as agreed. 

10.2.You shall provide us with data in the following formats: 

(a)for text, files shall be in an electronic format as standard text (.txt), Pages (.pages)  or Word (docx) document on a USB or via email; and 

(b)for images, in an electronic format as advised by us on a USB or via email with  the images of a suitable quality applicable for the use intended and without any  subsequent image processing being required (and we shall not be responsible for  the quality of images scanned from printed materials). 

10.3.Where you supply us with any plans, specifications or other technical information  (such as electronic software that provides detailed and specific technical  information), you shall be responsible for providing accurate data. We shall be  entitled to rely on the accuracy of any plans, specifications or other technical  information supplied by you. 

10.4.We are not responsible for any errors in the Incidental Items or Services or for  additional expenses caused by you supplying inaccurate plans, specifications or  other technical information.


11.1.You agree that we have no liability in respect of any errors or omissions: (a)resulting from an inadvertent mistake made by us in the formation or  administration of this Agreement; or 

(b)contained in any documentation supplied to you by us regarding the Services. 11.2.If such an error or omission occurs and is not attributable to our negligence or willful  misconduct, all obligations or rights under or in connection with this Agreement shall  continue in full force and effect.


12.1.Any alleged fault, defect, shortage in quantity, errors, omissions or failure to comply  with the description or quote of the Services which you detect must be reported to us  as soon as is practically possible. You shall allow us to inspect the Services within a  reasonable time following such notification if you believe the Services are defective. If  you fail to comply with clause 12.1, the Services shall be presumed to be free from  any defect or damage. 

12.2.For defective Services, which we have agreed in writing that you are entitled to  reject, our liability is limited to either (at our sole discretion) rectifying the Services or  re-providing the Services (provided that you have complied with clause 6).


13.1.You acknowledge and accept that the Price stated in the SLA will remain fixed for  twelve (12) months from acceptance and be subject to revision. 

13.2.Any Fixed Term shall revert to a monthly rollover basis automatically upon completion  unless agreed otherwise and shall continue until terminated by either party by giving  at least thirty (30) days written notice. 

13.3.Should you fail to maintain your SLA fees as agreed, we reserve the right to suspend  the Services.


14.1.To the extent permitted by law, no warranty is given by us as to the quality or  suitability of the Services for any purpose, and any implied warranty is expressly  excluded. We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the Services or  caused by the Services (whether directly or indirectly). 

14.2.For Incidental Items not manufactured by us, the warranty shall be the current  warranty provided by the manufacturer of the Incidental Items, and we shall not be  bound by any condition, representation or warranty other than that which the  manufacturer of the Incidental Items gives. 

14.3.We will not accept the return of Incidental Items for credit (unless agreed in writing).

15. PRIVACY ACT 2020  

15.1.You authorise us and our agents to collect, use, retain and disclose ‘personal  information’ (as defined in Part 1, section 7 of the Privacy Act 2020) about you and  your Personnel that you or they provide to us for the following purposes: (a)exercising our rights or performing our obligations under this Agreement; (b)using the services of credit reporting and debt collection agencies, and you  

consent to us disclosing personal information (including any information about an  Event of Default or repayment history) to a credit reporter, who may hold that  information and use it to provide its credit reporting services; 

(c)registering any Security Interest under this Agreement;  

(d)direct marketing purposes (including by email and other electronic means), unless  you notify us that you do not wish to receive direct marketing from us; and (e)the use or transfer of personal information to a Related Company in connection  with the performance of our obligations or exercise of our rights under this  Agreement. 

15.2.Clause 15.1 is authority and consent from you in accordance with sections in Part 3  and all other relevant sections in the Privacy Act 2020. 

15.3.You (if you are an individual) have the right under information privacy principles 6 and  7, and sections in Part 4, subpart 1 and Part 4, subpart 2 of the Privacy Act 2020 to  access and request correction of any of your personal information held by us, and if  you provide any personal information about a third party (including your Personnel) to  us, you confirm that you are authorised to do so by the relevant individual, and you  have informed the relevant individual that they have the right to contact us to access  

and, if applicable, request correction of any personal information that we hold about  them. 

15.4.If the Services are expected to involve the sharing of any data sets, or other personal  information, to you by us or us to you, we will enter into a separate data protection  agreement with you. 

15.5.If you do not provide the personal information requested by us, we may not be able  to perform our obligations under this Agreement.


16.1.Each party must keep confidential all Confidential Information, however, nothing in  clause 16 prevents a party from disclosing Confidential Information: 

(a)in the circumstances expressly provided for in this Agreement; 

(b)if the disclosure is required by law or Regulator (but only to the extent necessary);  or 

(c)if the disclosure is reasonably required to enable a party to perform its obligations  or enforce its rights under this Agreement. 

16.2.We may disclose Confidential Information to a Related Company and their Personnel  on a ‘need to know’ basis, provided that person is under a duty to keep the  Confidential Information confidential in accordance with this Agreement.


17.1.Copyright in all Incidental Items or Services (including any plans, specifications or  other technical information) provided by us under this Agreement is vested in us,  including any new intellectual property created as a result of or in connection with the  provision of our Incidental Items or Services. 

17.2.If, notwithstanding clause 17.1, any intellectual property rights in any of our Incidental  Items or Services vests in you, you assign those intellectual property rights to us with  effect from creation and agree to do all things reasonably required by us to give  effect to such assignment. 

17.3.You warrant that the use by us of any plans, specifications or other technical  information provided by you will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any  other person and indemnify us against any expenses or losses (including full legal  expenses on a solicitor client-basis) that we may suffer or incur in the event of any  such infringement.

18. CONSUMER GUARANTEES ACT 1993 AND FAIR TRADING ACT 1986  18.1.Subject to clause 18.2, nothing in this Agreement will affect any rights you may have  as a ‘consumer’ (as defined under the CGA). 

18.2.For the purposes of section 2 and Part 5, section 43(2) of the CGA, the parties  acknowledge and agree that, if you are acquiring, or hold yourself out as acquiring,  the Incidental Items or Services in trade: 

(a)to the extent permitted by law, you are contracting out of the CGA (to the extent  that the CGA would otherwise apply to any matters covered by this Agreement);  and 

(b)it is fair and reasonable for the parties to be bound by clause 18.2.  18.3.If you are acquiring the Incidental Items or Services to resupply the Incidental Items  or Services in trade, you undertake that you will: 

(a)contract out of the CGA to the maximum extent permitted by law in your contracts  with your customers; and 

(b)procure that your customers, and each person in the distribution chain thereafter,  contract out of the CGA to the maximum extent permitted by law in their contracts  with customers. 

18.4.For the purposes of section 5D of the FTA, the parties acknowledge and agree that, if  you are acquiring, or hold yourself out as acquiring, the Incidental Items or Services  in trade: 

(a)to the extent permitted by law, you are contracting out of sections 9, 12A and 13 of  the FTA; and 

(b)it is fair and reasonable for the parties to be bound by clause 18.4. 18.5.You will indemnify us against any expenses or losses incurred by us as a result of  your breach of clause 18.


19.1.Should you cancel all or part of any order, you shall be liable for all Amounts Owing  to us prior to cancellation (including any direct or indirect expenses incurred by us  due to you cancelling any part of any order). 

19.2.We shall be entitled to cancel all or part of any order of yours which remains  unperformed, and all Amounts Owing to us shall (whether or not due) become  immediately payable if: 

(a)any Amounts Owing to us becomes overdue, or in our opinion, you will be unable  to meet your payments as they fall due; or  

(b)an Insolvency Event occurs, and you become insolvent/bankrupt, convene a  meeting with your creditors or a receiver/liquidator or similar person is appointed  in respect of you or any of your assets. 

19.3.Orders made to your specifications or non-stock-list items cannot be cancelled once  production has commenced.


20.1.If an Event of Default occurs, you agree to reimburse us for any fees or expenses we  incur in recovering any Amounts Owing (including but not limited to administration  fees, debt collection agency fees and full legal expenses on a solicitor-client basis). 

20.2.Unless waived by us in writing, we may charge interest at a rate of two and a half  percent (2.5%) per calendar month on the outstanding amount from the due date of  payment until the date the outstanding amount is paid (and any interest shall  compound monthly at such a rate).


21.1.Ownership (including all right, title and interest) of the Incidental Items or Services  remains with us and does not pass to you until: 

(a)we have received all Amounts Owing; and 

(b)you have performed all of your obligations under this Agreement. 

21.2.It is further agreed that: 

(a)you are only a bailee of the Incidental Items and must return the Incidental Items  to us immediately upon request by us; 

(b)you hold (to the benefit of us) an insurance policy for the Incidental Items on trust  for us and must pay us the proceeds of any insurance claim should the Incidental  Items be lost, damaged or destroyed; 

(c) you shall not charge or grant an encumbrance over the Incidental Items nor give  away any interest in the Incidental Items while they remain our property; and (d)you irrevocably authorise us to enter any premises where we believe the  Incidental Items are kept and recover possession of the Incidental Items. 21.3.If any Amounts Owing is overdue, or an Insolvency Event occurs, you give  irrevocable authority to us to use reasonable force to enter anywhere Incidental Items  may be stored, to remove any Incidental Items. We shall not be liable in contract, tort  or otherwise for any damages, expenses, or losses incurred by you or any third party,  and you indemnify us against any liability we may have to any third party (including  full legal expenses on a solicitor-client basis), as a result of us exercising our rights  under clause 21.3, except where damages, expenses or losses are due to our  negligence or fraud. 

21.4.If you resell or use any Incidental Items before ownership of the Incidental Items has  passed to you (including combing or processing the Incidental Items), the proceeds  of such sale or use will be received and held by you (in whatever form) in trust for us  to the extent of the Amounts Owing (where our interest as beneficiary under that trust  will be that portion of the proceeds which is equivalent to the Amounts Owing to us  and the balance of the proceeds (if any) will be your beneficial interest under that  trust). 

21.5.If any Incidental Items are damaged where full payment has not been received, and  therefore ownership remains with us, you agree that we are entitled to: (a)receive all insurance proceeds paid for the Incidental Items; and 

(b)supply this Agreement as a binding legal agreement which is sufficient evidence  for us to deal directly with the insurance company to receive all proceeds for the  Incidental Items, which we legally own under clause 21.1. 

21.6.We may commence proceedings to recover the Price of the Services provided,  notwithstanding that ownership of the Incidental Items or Services has not passed to  you.


22.1.Subject to us providing any Incidental Items or Services, you charge all of your right,  title and interest (whether joint or several) in any land, real estate or other assets  capable of being legally charged with a lien owned by you either now or in the future,  to secure the performance of all obligations (including full payment of all Amounts  Owing) under this Agreement.  

22.2.You irrevocably appoint all directors of our companies (including any Related  Company) as your true and lawful attorney(s) and agree that the appointed  attorney(s) may perform all necessary acts to enforce our rights provided in clause  22.1 of this Agreement (including signing any document on your behalf). 

22.3.You are liable for all our disbursements and expenses (including full legal expenses  on a solicitor-client basis) incurred in exercising our rights under clause 22 to secure  the performance of your obligations under this Agreement. 

22.4.In accordance with Part 5, subpart 5 of the CCLA, we hold a lien for work done and  may sell at public auction any property that has been left by you for Services if any  Amounts Owing are outstanding. 

22.5.It is fair and reasonable for the parties to be bound by clause 22.


23.1.You acknowledge and agree that: 

(a)this Agreement constitutes, in favour of us, a Security Agreement creating a  Security Interest in the Incidental Items or Services or the proceeds of such  Incidental Items or Services; and 

(b)the Security Interest granted to us secures the payment of all Amounts Owing (all  present and after-acquired personal property) you may owe to us from time to  time and at any time. 

23.2.You agree that you will sign any further documentation and provide any information  which we may reasonably require to ensure we are paid all Amounts Owing due to us  and otherwise to protect our interests under this Agreement, including by registration  

Interest in the Incidental Items or Services, or a Security Interest in the proceeds of  any Incidental Items or Services (a Security Interest taken in all collateral and any  proceeds of any collateral). 

23.3.To the extent permitted by law, we each contract out of: 

(a)sections 114(1)(a), 133 and 134 of the PPSA; and 

(b)your rights referred to in sections 107(2)(a), (c), (d), (e), (f), (g), (h) and (i) of the  PPSA. 

23.4.You waive your right to receive a verification statement under section 148 of the  PPSA in respect of any financing statement relating to a Security Interest. 23.5.Nothing in this Agreement is to be construed as an agreement that a Security Interest  in the Incidental Items (collateral) attaches at a later time than the time specified in  Part 3, section 40(1) of the PPSA; a Security Interest is perfected in accordance with  Part 3, section 41(1) of the PPSA; a Security Interest in all after-acquired property  attaches at the time specified in Part 4, section 44(1) of the PPSA; and a Security  Interest in collateral shall extend to the proceeds as specified in Part 4, section 45(1)  of the PPSA. 

23.6.Each Security Interest is a continuing Security, notwithstanding any intermediate  payments, settlement of accounts or anything else. 

23.7.You must provide us with information and any associated documentation reasonably  requested by us from time to time relating to your financial status. 

23.8.If at any time we consider that your financial status is unsatisfactory, we may require  you to grant additional Security Interest(s) as security for the Amounts Owing, and we  may suspend or cancel further supply of Incidental Items or Services until you have  provided such Security Interest(s). 

23.9.You shall unconditionally ratify any actions taken by us under clause 23.


24.1.Where we are to supply Services, we shall maintain an insurance policy for the  Services until completion, at which point all risk shall immediately pass to you. 24.2.Whilst every care is taken by us to carry out your instructions, it is your responsibility  to undertake final proofreading and revision of the proposed Services (including any  media communications prior to posting the same to any SMP or content for Website  design). We shall not be liable for any errors not corrected by you in the final  proofreading/revision stage. 

24.3.Any advice, recommendations, information, or assistance provided by us in relation  to the Services provided is given in good faith and is based on information provided  to us and our knowledge and experience. Whilst we will take all care when providing  our Services, human error is possible under these circumstances. We shall make all  efforts to offer the best solution to you in these circumstances (in accordance with  clause 18). 

24.4.Unless otherwise agreed, you shall bear the cost of fonts, colour proofs, or artwork,  specially bought at your request for the Services. 

24.5.Where the performance of any agreement with you requires us to obtain services  from a third party, the Agreement between the parties shall incorporate and be  subject to the conditions of supply of such services to you (including registering your  business with such services or setting up SMP accounts where required). You shall  be liable for the full cost (including our margin on such Services). 

24.6.Any changes and comments resulting from proofreading/revision undertaken by you  shall be provided to us in one (1) complete brief and not multiple email notifications.  Any extended modifications outside this scope shall be charged at our hourly rate. 

24.7.Any change or correction to any video, photographs, and artwork supplied by you  that we deem necessary to ensure correctly finished work shall be invoiced as a  variation (in accordance with clause 7). 

24.8.Any expected or estimated outcomes concerning increased sales or market share or  penetration achieved by you derived from marketing activities undertaken by us,  expressed in consultation or estimates, are speculative and in no way constitute a  guarantee. In addition, if you make changes to the Website, social media pages or  advertising campaign information without prior discussion with us, any such changes  may negatively affect any costs or results. 

24.9.We reserve the right not to undertake any Services, refuse to accept any content  supplied by you, withdraw any advertisement or publication for any reason (including  where in our opinion, is or may be unlawful, offensive, contains Prohibited Content or  is otherwise inappropriate). We shall not be liable to you for any such action. 

24.10.You agree to indemnify us, our employees, agents and affiliates, and their  employees and agents against any claim, loss or expense arising from the production  of the Website, publication of the Services, or cancellation of, or failure to produce  the Website, the Incidental Items, or to publish any Services (including costs, losses  or expenses suffered or incurred by you as a result of any breach by us of this  Agreement, or any other agreement between both parties). 

24.11.You agree that, due to the nature of digital display, technical difficulties may arise  which could prevent the provision of the Services; and you, therefore, agree to  indemnify us against any costs or losses incurred by you as a result of this. 

24.12.You accept that we are only responsible for Incidental Items or Services that are  provided or replaced by us, and we do not accept any responsibility for previous  Services carried out by any third party or for any loss or damage to the Incidental  Items or Services that are caused by any other third party after the completion of the  Services. 

24.13.Should you request us to leave Incidental Items outside our premises for collection  or deliver the Incidental Items to an unattended location, you agree that those  Incidental Items shall be left unattended at your sole risk.


25.1.Each party will comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSW Act),  including all health and safety duties specified in Part 2 of the HSW Act and all other  applicable standards and codes of practice relating to health and safety. In addition,  each party will comply with the other party’s pre-notified and reasonable health and  safety policies when on the party’s premises. 

25.2.You must notify us of any known hazards arising from your premises to which any  person may be exposed, as well as notify us of any notifiable injury, illness, incident  or event (as defined in Part 1, subpart 3 of the HSW Act) to ensure that your  workplace is without risks to the health and safety of any person. 

25.3.Each party must consult, cooperate and coordinate activities with all other persons  who have a health and safety duty in relation to the same matter in providing the  Incidental Items or Services (including in connection with the delivery of the  Incidental Items or Services).


26.1.Our responsibilities: 

(a)upon acceptance of our quotation/proposal under this Agreement, we will: (i) use  our best endeavours to develop the Website in accordance with your instructions  and specifications (including development stages); and (ii) to the extent specified  in your instructions and specifications, negotiate and procure any third-party  agreements on your behalf; 

(b)you acknowledge that the development of the Website by us is based upon  current technology platforms (including internet browsers, mobile platforms and  SMPs), and therefore we cannot guarantee that Website features or content will  display correctly or that the overall visual experience will be the same. 

(c) upon our receipt of payment in full, we shall provide you with the last backup of  the Website and associated data and ensure the Website is live and visible on the  internet; 

(d)we shall advise you of all third party software, platforms or SMPs that you are  recommended to have in place to assist you in setting up those accounts with  your details and billing information; and 

(e)all software and components not developed by us retain the original licence and  terms associated with that software. 

26.2.Your responsibilities: 

(a)you will ensure that we are given information and assistance (including access to  computer systems, hosting account, disk space, creation databases, or  applications) as we reasonably require to enable us to construct and maintain the  Website; 

(b)when approval is sought or required from you following completion of a  development stage, you will not delay the consent of that development stage  beyond seven (7) days (time being of the essence) of being requested unless  otherwise agreed to by us in writing. In the event of delays beyond this time frame,  then we shall be entitled to charge a holding fee of a fair and reasonable amount  to be determined by us; 

(c) subject to clause 26.2(a), you shall supply access to any computer system,  usernames and passwords required to remove data or sites for failure to comply  with this Agreement; 

(d)it shall be your responsibility to ensure that any specific requirements you may  have for mobile web browsers are included in the brief, as, unless otherwise  specified therein, the choice of web browsers and technology used in the  development of the Website shall be at our sole discretion. If additional Services  are requested, or required, to meet any specific requirements for mobile web  browsers, after we have commenced work on the Website, it shall be treated as a  variation to the Price, and a strict estimation of further work required shall be  submitted to you for approval before proceeding with the variation; and 

(e)we will not be responsible for and accept no liability for any deficiency or alleged  deficiency in the Website attributable to any third-party products or services used  by us in creating the Website. 

26.3.Domain registration: 

(a)where we are to register a domain name on your behalf, we cannot guarantee the  availability of the domain or successful registration of such a name. 

(b)we will not be responsible for renewing any domain name registration unless  specifically requested; and 

(c) you will be responsible for complying with all terms and conditions relating to any  registered domain name, as may be required by the registering service  responsible for administering such domain name registration. 

26.4.Your property and materials: 

(a)graphic files should be supplied in an editable, digital format and photographs in a  high-resolution digital form. If you choose to purchase stock photographs, we can  suggest stock libraries; 

(b)in the case of property and materials left with us without specific instructions, we  shall be free to dispose of them (in accordance with clause 22) and to accept and  retain the proceeds, if any, to cover their costs in holding and handling them; and  

(c)where you supply materials or equipment, we accept no responsibility for  imperfect work caused by defects in or caused by the unsuitability of such  materials or equipment. 


(a)subject to sub-clause 26.5(b), we will provide the maintenance Services in  accordance with the maintenance terms set out in our SLA; 

(b)you will procure all necessary authorisations, licences and consents to enable us  to have access to the Website to provide the maintenance Services; and (c) should you, during the development of or after the handover of the Website,  attempt to update, edit or alter the Website pages, infrastructure, source files or  the Website’s architecture, the time that we provide to repair pages shall be  treated as additional Services (in accordance with clause 7). 

26.6.Public access: 

(a)you understand that by placing information on the Website, such information may  be accessible to all internet users. We do not (unless expressly requested by you)  limit or restrict access to such information, nor protect such information from  copyright infringement or other wrongful activity; and 

(b)you assume full responsibility for the use of the Website. It is your sole  responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all  opinions, advice, services, and other information (including the quality and  accuracy of all Services provided).


27.1.You agree that: 

(a)the ability to post communications on a SMP may be unavailable from time to time  due to regularly scheduled maintenance or upgrades by the SMP provider. (b)there are inherent hazards in electronic distribution, and as such, we cannot  warrant against delays or errors in information appearing on any SMP. (c) all SMPs used in the provision of the Services are subject to the conditions of  service of the third-party provider, and as such, it is your responsibility to be  familiar with those terms and conditions; 

(d)in our use of your SMP, we act as your agent, and any liability arising from the  SMP accounts shall be your responsibility; and 

(e)with changes in technology, changes in internet use, SMP visiting patterns, or  provider policy changes, we may suggest changes to the original proposal or  recommend alternative Services. Any such suggestions or recommendations shall  be communicated to you prior to implementing any changes. 

27.2.The display on any SMP does not guarantee the availability of any particular  Services. Therefore, all orders placed through your Website due to any post or other  communication shall be subject to confirmation and acceptance by you. 

27.3.You acknowledge and agree that we shall not be held responsible or liable for: (a)anything related to the SMP or any other Services provided; or 

(b)any supplied content that breaches any legislation or regulations unless due to our  negligence. 

27.4.We will not be responsible for, and accept no liability for, any deficiency or alleged  deficiency in the SMP communications which is attributable to: 

(a)incorrect information provided by you; 

(b)failure by you to provide relevant information; or 

(c) any third-party products or services used by us in placing the SMP  communication. 

27.5.We (including our directors, agents or employees) will not be liable for any form of  loss or damage of any nature that is suffered (whether arising directly or indirectly),  out of, or in connection with the provision of our Services to you. 

27.6.All media releases and public announcements by either party relating to this  Agreement, or the Services (including subject matter and related documents), shall  be coordinated with the other party and approved jointly by both parties prior to  release. 

27.7.We shall not be held responsible for any media release once information approved  by you has been submitted for release or distribution.


28.1.You accept that whilst we shall conduct a plagiarism check of text, we shall not be  liable for any loss, damage or costs incurred by you for the use of such text. 28.2.Where blog content provided by you has errors that require the post to be removed  from the Website, you agree that such removal may: 

(a)affect other campaigns (including paid traffic campaigns that were linked to that  post); and 

(b)cause downtime whilst we remedy the error. 

28.3.Where an error occurs in the copy created by our writers, we shall correct the  mistake in posts made at no extra cost to you, however, this error shall not be  deemed a breach of this Agreement. 

28.4.You acknowledge that we incur expenses and use our expertise and intellectual  property where marketing campaigns are created for you, specifically via Google  AdWords. 

28.5.Where you request us to pause a marketing campaign set up and managed by us  under the Google AdWords platform, you shall be responsible for continuing the  payment of our monthly management fee.


(b)we will not be liable for any: (i) indirect, special or consequential loss or damage  

29.1.Although we shall use our knowledge and experience to gain the best results  possible, we give no guarantee of the quality of visitors or the position/page rank or  volume of visits to the Website, or that the Website will be effective in promoting your  business or result in an increase in sales of your products/services.  

29.2.Periodic reporting will be sent to your nominated email address at our sole discretion. 29.3.You accept that a search engine may change its policies and systems at any time,  and as such, we shall not be held liable for any fluctuations, changes or removal of  your listing from a search engine.


30.1.In addition to any other obligations expressed in this Agreement, you agree to: (a)provide all content (including data, logos, designs or graphics and related  materials) to be incorporated into the SMP communications or Website within five  (5) days of being requested by us; 

(b)the provision of any information, ideas or suggestions which are to be expressly  considered by us in developing the Services; and  

(c)to ensure that content supplied to us does not contain Prohibited Content, a link to  any Website that contains Prohibited Content, or any viruses, trojan horses,  worms, time bombs, cancelbots or any other software program designed for or  capable of interfering with the operation of the SMP or Website. 

30.2.You agree that payments to third parties for general advertising, social media  advertising and lead generation costs shall be your responsibility. Any budgets for  such expenses shall be set in consultation between both parties.


31.1.You agree that during the term of the Agreement and for a period of six (6) months  following the termination of the Agreement for any reason, you will not: (a)attempt to encourage or persuade any of our contractors, employees or  

consultants to terminate their contract or employment with us or utilise in any way  an employee or past employee of us (other than through us); and 

(b)you agree that the restraints are fair and reasonable for the proper preservation of  our goodwill and business. 

31.2.If clause 31.1 is contravened, you agree to pay a placement fee equal to fifteen  percent (15%) of the employee’s annual salary(and you expressly consent to this  prior to the candidate’s appointment). You agree that this placement fee is also  applicable if you engage our employees through a different labour-hire company or  other third-party.


32.1.We may (if we consider it appropriate to do so) recommend the engagement of third party consultants, whom you shall engage at your expense. We do not warrant the  accuracy or quality of the consultant’s work or warrant that the consultants’  recommendations are appropriate or adequate, fit for their purpose, or that they are  not given negligently. You accept that you shall not make any demand on us or  commence any legal proceedings against us, and we shall have no liability to you in  relation to any Services performed by the consultants.


33.1.We accept no liability for any defect, error or omission in any Services approved by  you. We will not be responsible for any costs or losses incurred by you because of  any error in the Services after the proofreading/revision stage (including offering no  refund or credit). 

33.2.None of our agents or representatives is authorised to make any representations,  statements, conditions or agreements not expressed by our manager in writing, nor  are we bound by any such unauthorised information. 

33.3.To the extent permitted by law, we shall have no liability whatsoever to you for any  direct or indirect expense or loss of profit suffered by you arising out of a breach by  us of this Agreement (including any unintentional misrepresentation made to you by  us regarding any of the Incidental Items or Services). 

33.4.To the extent permitted by law, our liability shall not exceed the Price of the Services  provided by us under this Agreement. 

33.5.To the extent permitted by law, our total liability under or in connection with this  Agreement and the Incidental Items or Services is limited to, at our option: (a)in the case of Incidental Items, any one or more of the following: (i) the  

replacement of the Incidental Item(s) or the supply of equivalent Incidental Item(s);  (ii) the repair of the Incidental Item(s); (iii) the payment of the expense of replacing  the Incidental Item(s) or of acquiring equivalent Incidental Item(s); or (iv) the  payment of the expense of having the Incidental Item(s) repaired; or 

(b)in the case of Services: (i) supplying the Services again; or (ii) the payment of the  expense of having the Services supplied again. 

33.6.If, notwithstanding clause 32, we have any liability under or in connection with this  Agreement, to the maximum extent permitted by law: 

(a)our total aggregate liability to you for any loss, damage or liability arising out of or  in connection with this Agreement will be limited to the lesser of: (i) the Price paid  by you to us for the applicable Incidental Items or Services; or (ii) the actual loss  or damage suffered by you; and 

whatsoever; or (ii) loss of profits, revenue, data, goodwill, customers, opportunities  or loss of or damage to reputation. 

33.7.The limitations and exclusions on liability in this clause 33 will apply irrespective of  the legal basis for the applicable claim, including contract, equity, tort or statute,  except negligence and fraud. 

33.8.In no circumstances will we have any liability whatsoever under or in connection with  this Agreement: 

(a)for the acts or omissions of any third party; 

(b)any act or omissions performance in accordance with your instructions (or  instructions from your authorised representatives); or 

(c)to any third party.


34.1.Governing law: This Agreement is governed by and to be construed in accordance  with the laws of New Zealand, and each party submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of  the courts of New Zealand. 

34.2.Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties  about its subject matter and supersedes all previous agreements, representations  and understandings.  

34.3.Priority: To the extent of an inconsistency between: 

(a)this Agreement; 

(b)all other schedules to this Agreement; 

(c) any privacy or data agreement (if applicable); and 

(d)the order of priority set out above will apply (with (a) having the highest priority). 34.4.Subcontracting: We may subcontract the performance of our obligations (including to  a Related Company) on the basis that we remain solely liable to you for the  performance of our obligations. 

34.5.Assignment: You must not assign, novate or transfer your rights or obligations under  this Agreement without our prior written consent (which may be withheld at our sole  discretion). We may assign this Agreement to any other person. Without limiting the  foregoing, we may assign to any other person all or part of the Amounts Owing by  you. 

34.6.Amendments: Except where stated otherwise in this Agreement, any amendment to  this Agreement must be in writing, signed by both parties, except where we are  required to make changes to ensure compliance with applicable laws, in which case  we can give you notice of any such amendments required, and you will be bound by  the same. 

34.7.Notices: Any notice, demand or other communication to be served on a party must be  in writing and sent by personal delivery, pre-paid post or email to the address of the  relevant party (or otherwise notified to the other party from time to time). Any notice  or other communication is deemed to be received (i) if personally delivered, on  receipt, (ii) if posted by pre-paid official postal service, on the fifth Business Day after  posting (or seven Business Days after posting if sent from one country to another),  and (iii) if sent by email on the date and time that the email was sent (as evidenced in  the sender’s email sent history). Notices received after 5pm on a Business Day will  be deemed received on the next Business Day. 

34.8.Force majeure: We will not be liable to you for any failure or delay in performing our  obligations under this Agreement where such failure or delay is caused by events or  circumstances beyond our reasonable control (including any strike, lockout, labour  dispute, delay in transit, embargo, epidemic, pandemic, accident, emergency, order  of government or other authority or act of god). 

34.9.Severability: If any part of this Agreement is illegal or unenforceable, you agree that  part shall be amended to the extent permitted by law to allow the enforceability of any  rights, and if it is not able to be amended, then it will be severed, and all remaining  rights in this Agreement will continue in full force and effect. 

34.10.Waiver: A single or partial exercise or waiver of a right relating to this Agreement  does not prevent any other exercise of that right or the exercise of any other right. 34.11.Termination: Either party may terminate this Agreement immediately by written  

notice if the other party breaches a term of this Agreement which is not capable of  remedy or, where the breach is capable of remedy, fails to remedy the breach within  20 Business Days of written notice of the breach. 

34.12.Survival: Any rights or obligations under or in connection with this Agreement, which  is by nature a continuing obligation, will survive termination of this Agreement by  either party. 

34.13.Rights of third parties: This Agreement is not intended to confer a benefit on any  person other than the parties to this Agreement. 

34.14.Relationship: We will provide Incidental Items or Services to you as an independent  contractor. Nothing in this Agreement creates any partnership, joint venture or  employment relationship between the parties. 

34.15.Non-exclusive: This Agreement is not exclusive, and you agree that there are no  restrictions on us to provide any Incidental Items or Services to any other person.

34.16.Counterparts: This Agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts (including by electronic signature or by email exchange of pdf copies), which will  constitute the one instrument.